Izaak Beekman
Aerospace Engineer | Programmer | Data Scientist


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  • Sourcery Institute

    Software Engineering Research Consultant

    Synthesize and test new, efficient communication patterns with automatic data dependency tracking for the parallel solution of nonlinear partial differential equations using Coarray Fortran, a parallel global address space (PGAS) language

  • University of Maryland

    CRoCCo Lab Faculty Research Assistant

    Initialize, run and analyze very large Computational Fluid Dynamics research simulations of supersonic and hypersonic turbulent boundary layers, work with massive data sets and develop parallel, efficient algorithms for huge turbulence data sets

  • Princeton University

    Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Research Assistant

    Anticipated PhD conferral: May 2016
    Masters Degree: June 2010
    Research duties included preparing manuscripts for publication, giving talks at professional conferences and conducting research on hypersonic and supersonic turbulent boundary layers, training new graduate students and managing the lab's transition from Princeton University to UMD

  • The George Washington University

    B.S. MAE
    Undergraduate Research Assistant

    B.S. Mechanical and Aersopace Engineering, mathematics minor, suma cum laude
    2006 Goldwater Scholar and recipient of the Alfred Martin Freudenthal Prize for the highest academic acheivement in GWU SEAS.
    Undergraduate research assistant with the Flow Simulations and Analysis Group which has since moved to Johns Hopkins University

  • U.S. Citizen
    Clearance Ready

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